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This review we're going to take a look at the Tomo Free YYG BR100 electric bike. Let's start with how the bike is packaged when it's delivered. It's well-protected with foam, and assembly is required. The user manual and a video from the company website guide you through the process.


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When you receive the bike, it comes with the charger, pedals, tools, front wheel skewer, and user manual. Now, let's go over some specs. The bike features an aluminum alloy frame, a 1000-watt rear motor (1200-watt peak), a 960-watt hour 48-volt 20-amp hour removable battery. It takes five to six hours to fully charge. The LCD display offers five pedal assist levels and a twist throttle. The bike has a range of 35 to 50 miles and a top speed of 32 to 34 miles per hour.

Additional features include a 280-lumen front headlight, rear brake lights and turn signals, front and rear fenders, front and rear suspensions, and an IP65 waterproof rating. The bike weighs 82 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds. It's ideal for riders with a height of 5'5" to 6'2".

Now, let's take a closer look at the bike. The front section features a headlight, front suspensions, a front fender, 20x4-inch tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. Moving to the middle and back, you'll find a storage bag, kickstand, hydraulic disc brakes, rear suspension, and rear fender. At the rear, there's the battery keyhole, charging port, battery, and rear light. 

On the other side, you can see the 1000-watt rear motor and rear suspension. Let's take a closer look at the handlebar area, which includes brake levers, control LCD display, and twist throttle. Powering up the display, you can see that it's colored and easy to read. The plus and minus buttons allow you to adjust the pedal assist levels. On the left side of the display, you'll find switches for the front and rear lights, as well as turn signals.

The bike also includes a horn, and taking a look at the frame, you'll notice that it sits a bit high. The seat height is not adjustable, so shorter riders may find it a bit challenging to get on and off the bike. Moving to the battery, it has a unique tube-shaped design with a charging port. You can charge it on the bike or remove it by using the key and sliding it out.

Now, let's move on to some footage of the bike in action. I'll test it out on rough terrain and demonstrate the different pedal assist levels, throttle performance, brakes, uphill and downhill capabilities, and then share my thoughts.

First, I'll conduct the rough terrain test on a bumpy trail. This bike is equipped with front and rear suspensions and fat tires, so I expect it to handle the terrain well.

Next, let's move on to the speed test. I'll start with the pedal assist and go through each of the five levels to see how fast the bike can go. After that, I'll use the twist throttle.

  • Pedal assist level one: 16 mph.
  • Pedal assist level two: 20-21 mph.
  • Pedal assist level three: 22 mph.
  • Pedal assist level four: 25-26 mph.
  • Pedal assist level five: 25-26 mph.

Now, let's test the bike's top speed using the twist throttle.

The bike reaches a top speed of 34 mph with the twist throttle.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


Moving on, let's test the brakes. I'll ride the bike at maximum speed, and once I come into view, I'll apply the brakes, using the parking lines as reference.

Now let's move on to the uphill test. The road has a steady incline, and we'll see if the bike can maintain its speed. We observed that with the twist throttle, it reached about 34 miles per hour. The acceleration is smooth, and we're beginning the climb at 28 miles per hour. It's maintaining a steady speed of 26 miles per hour. Let's see how it handles this turn here.

Overall, the bike performed well in the uphill test. We started the climb at 28 miles per hour and only lost a bit of speed, maintaining 26 miles per hour throughout with plenty of power.

Now, let's move on to the downhill test. I might have to slow down as we approach the turn ahead because we're going to pick up some speed for sure. We reached 28 and 29 miles per hour. I'll let it glide now. I'm going to hit the brakes here since we're coming in a little too fast. Currently, we're at 29 miles per hour and slowing down.

Here are my thoughts on the bike. The assembly process was easy and straightforward, thanks to the user manual and video guide. The bike's build quality feels solid, and the packaging protected it well during delivery. Cable management is neat, with minimal exposed wires that are organized with sleeves.

The front light is large and bright, and I appreciate the included storage bag and front and rear fenders. During the ride, I found the bike to be comfortable. The seat is long and soft, with no rattles, vibrations, or noises. The steering is stable, and the handlebars are of good length, although they sit lower, which may require adjustment. The seat height may be a concern for shorter riders when getting on and off the bike.

The bike handled rough surfaces well, thanks to the front and rear suspensions and fat tires, which effectively absorbed bumps. The 1000W motor with a peak of 1200W demonstrated its power, tackling uphill sections with minimal speed loss. Using pedal assist, I reached 26 miles per hour, while relying on the throttle alone, I hit 34 miles per hour.

The hydraulic brakes are strong and provide quick stopping power. I appreciate the simplicity and readability of the small LCD display, although I would prefer the controls for lights and horns to be placed on the side for easier access while riding.

In conclusion, the Tomofree x YYG BR100 electric bike has a unique look that attracts attention. It offers good power and versatility on various surfaces. It's important to note that the advertised top speed is 32 to 34 miles per hour, and the estimated range can reach up to 50 miles, depending on factors such as pedal assist usage, throttle usage, weight, and the environment.

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