EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!



Tomofree A11 scooter is a really powerful scooter that has some great features: an 800 watt motor with a 30 mile range and 25 to 28 miles per hour with a 250 pound weight capacity. It also has stainless steel frame and a dual disc brake system that is good to make sure when you need to stop it stops. The nice carbon steel shock spring that gives Tomofree A11 a really nice smooth ride. It weighs 57 pounds and has an ipx5 rating.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


Let's go ahead and take a closer look. Tomofree A11 is an 800 watt 15Ah scooter with 30 mile range and has some really great features again. The awesome RGB on the side goes on as soon as you turn on the lights. My unit when it was shipped out the fender was broken, so I don't have it mounted. I'm waiting for the fender to come.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


Tomofree A11 is around 57 pounds and the tires themselves are are all terrain. It has one of the longest steerring columns that I've seen. So if you're tall and you're looking for a scooter that's going to be able to support you like we're talking six feet or more tall this is going to work for you because the steering column is high when you see me in the right experience. My arms are kind of like bent because the steering column is so high. So this is going to be a great scooter for tall people.

Now the first thing, that you'll notice in the scooter is that the Tomofree A11 scooter does have dual braking systems front and back. And it does have a rear marker that is currently on. You can appreciate Tomofree A11 has a really nice rubberized bed not a sand. You know not something that's grip like sandpaper, but actually a rubberized bed.

Now the other thing I really appreciate is that it has palm rest which is really nice. So as you're holding the handle bar your palms kind of rest right here and it reduces fatigue. Tomofree A11 also has clean cable management all the way around.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


You have a latch that's used when folded. You have LED what you can turn on and off. You have your horn (I love an electric horn) and then on this side right here you'll notice that you have your kind of instrument panel here. It is a thumb throttle.

Now folding the scooters are pretty straightforward exercise as soon as you release the clamp. You just fold it back just remember you do have that hook that locks into that little bottom area there. And then once you're done, all you do is you lift back up and you'll hear the locking mechanism kicks into place and then you would just lock it. There is a little locking latch right here in the front that we're locking in and then once you have that locked in just like that, you're set to go.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


I'm kind of a little weirded out at the height of this column. It just feels different. Becaus the steering column is so high I kind of feel that wobble so this is going to be really great for someone who is between five seven and over six feet (in my case I'm five six ~ five seven) I wish I was taller but I'm not.

Tomofree A11 LED is really easy to read as well now. I think it has about three modes that we turned on so this would be the fastest mode and we'll see how fast we can go. Right now clocking 20 21 22 23 and it looks like it's 22 23.


EBPMAN Tech Reviews - Tomofree A11 sooter 800W Power and 30 mile Range!


It's quiet, super quiet and it does have a suspension system. Now one other thing, I'll highlight about the scooter that I like I think it's very unique but, because this has such a wide handlebar, it feels very bike-like and what it has on each side are these rest grips for your palm. The palm support makes it very comfortable if you're doing long distance rides and one thing that I didn't see advertise but the scooter definitely has is cruise control and I'm not hearing the beep typically that you see with scooter.. So right now my fingers are off the thumb and this thing is moving. When you hit the brakes the Tomofree A11 will stop and it'll stop firm.

While Tomofree A11 does not have the type of suspension system that we saw of the sister scooter (Tomofree ES10), this definitely has great suspension. It has again a nice shock right underneath the bed that is giving me really nice. And here I am bouncing and it just feels really really nice. It has also just an Uber quiet ride you don't hear anything rattling even the 800 wattmotors pushing this. I don't really hear kind of like that power buzz that sometimes you'll hear. Oh, by the way, both of these scooters have an incredible lighting system on the bed. I really love the treatment love the way that make things look just hot.

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