Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers about Tomofree,
if you have other questions, please just send it to support@tomofree.com
Is the battery of the electric bike removable?

Tomofree has different types of electric bicycles and tricycles. The electric bicycle series all have removable batteries, such as FG20 and DK200. K7 series tricycles use higher waterproof grade (IPX7), so the batteries are not removable.

How can I calculate the capacity of an e-bike battery?

Check out the REAL WORLD TESTING information on each model's product page.

E-bike battery capacity is measured in Watt-Hours or Wh. This is the size of the “fuel tank” on the e-bike. Like a car, some motors guzzle fuel, others sip. To calculate the capacity, multiply the voltage (V) used on the bike by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating. For the Tomofree X20-1000W, for example, multiply 48Vby 10Ah = 480 Wh. More Watt-Hours equals more range for your e-bike.

Why does the battery life / LED lights on the e-bike battery not match the battery life bar on the display / head unit?

The LEDs on the battery show how much "raw charge" is left on the battery without considering usage factors. The battery life on the display provides a more accurate estimate based on the rider's speed, level of pedal assist, load on the motor, temperature, and other factors, so the two will not necessarily match. In general, the battery readout on the display is a more accurate answer to the question, "how much juice do I have left to get home?"

What is the difference between mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes?

The mechanical disc brake cable tube contains the brake cable; and the hydraulic brake cable tube contains brake fluid. The hydraulic brake feel and use effect have obvious advantages over the mechanical brake fluid, but the brake fluid needs to be changed regularly according to the usage.

I want to test ride the bike where can I do that?

Sorry that we do not provide test riding right now.

Where can I get more keys for the bike?

If you purchased the ebike from tomofreeshop.com, you can email us at support@tomofree.com to get more keys. If you purchased from one of our amazing bike dealer shops, you will need to contact them to help you get a key.

Why does my Ebike/scooter have different brand components?

Currently, the cycling industry is experiencing an unprecedented demand for bikes, ebikes and their components. Due to this exponential growth in demand coupled with the interrupted supply chains caused by the pandemic, there is a massive shortage of bike components in the industry. Cycling brand giants such as Shimano, Tecktro, Bengal, and Suntour are all struggling to keep up with the demand.

For these reasons, there will be some instances where certain components may be replaced with different branded components depending on availability. Rest assured, that these components will be of equal quality with the same specifications (if not, better) and have been stress tested by our own engineering team.

This decision was made in order to continue providing our customers with the exceptional quality ebikes they’ve grown to know and love instead of placing products on massive holds and delays. Please know that we stand by every single aspect of our ebikes and make the best possible decisions with you, our customers, in mind.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these unprecedented events.

Can I use the throttle the entire ride?

Yes, you can, and that is what it is there for! However, using the throttle the entire time you are riding will impact how long the battery will last.

How many riding modes does the X-20 have?

There are three riding modes, namely pure electric riding, pedal assisted riding, and pedal riding. Generally, we recommend using pedal assisted riding modes.

May I customize my e-bike before it ships? Can you install accessories before it ships?

No, we do not currently offer customization of any kind. If you order a bicycle and accessories, they may ship separately or within the large bicycle box. Tomofree customer support personnel are unable to accommodate requests to change or alter this policy.

Where is the product shipping from? How long does it take?

Our bikes/scooters all ship from
California, which generally takes 2-7 working days. Some parts/accessories may be shipped to your from overseas.

Can I Pick Up My Tomofree in Person?

Sorry, we do not provide pick up right now.

How to Submit a Warranty Application?

Please note that before any warranty, please send an email to support@tomofree.com, including proof of purchase, product photos and description of the problem, we will verify and confirm. And after obtaining our verification and confirmation, send them back, otherwise Tomofree has the right to deny this warranty Legitimacy. We will inspect the product as soon as possible after receiving it, and repair it for you.

I am not the original owner as I purchased my Tomofree secondhand. Is my Tomofree covered by warranty?

Sorry, no, the warranty coverage only extends to the original buyer with proof of purchase.

I crashed and damaged my bike/frame. Is warranty coverage available to me?

Sorry, crashes or accidents are not covered by the warranty policy. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing, not damage from crashes.

Can I return or exchange the products at any time?

Tomofree provides customers with 30-day worry-free return and exchange service. But before returning or exchanging goods, please be sure to read our Return & Return Policy.

Do I need to pay for the return or exchange?

If the product has quality problems, you can send it back to us within 30 days without paying any fees, even logistics fees. If you need to return or exchange the product for personal reasons, you need to pay the logistics fee for the return, and we will deduct 5-15% of the depreciation fee based on the degree of use of the product. For details please read our Return & Return Policy.

How long will it take to receive the refund after submitting it?

We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded to your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too. For details read our Return & Return Policy.

Am I able to charge the battery while it's still attached to the bike, or do I need to remove it first?

You can choose to charge the battery on the bike or remove it separately for your e-bike.
However, for your safety, please avoid indoor charging.

Is it okay to ride in the rain, or will it malfunction or break?

While e-bikes and e-scooters have a certain level of waterproofing, it's not advisable to ride them in the rain due to battery safety concerns.

Why can't I buy some accessories directly?

As your previous purchase may belong to different product batches, please provide the Battery Code, Motor Code, and Purchasing Platform & Order Number of your e-bike/e-scooter. This will help us ensure that the parts/accessories we send you are compatible with your specific model.

Can foldable e-bikes or e-scooters be carried onto airplanes?

Please consult the policy of your local airline to determine if they can be brought onto airplanes.

Last Update: March 11, 2024