Warranty Policy

1. 30-Day Money Back: Within 30 days from the day on which you receive your delivery, you are able to return your Undamaged / Unused Tomofree products and receive refund (referring to our Return & Refund Policy).

2. 1-year Warranty: We offer 1-year warranty for most products (some models may have longer warranty period, see product pages; some parts of the models may be shortened because, see chart below), which is registered automatically to the initial purchasers who order from our official online shop tomofree.com and authorized stores.

If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, Tomofree will, at options:
1. Send the new parts to replace the defective parts. Most of the parts are fairly easy to replace with our YouTube video instructions.
2. Exchange the affected product with functionally new product or equivalent to new in performance.

Electric Bike Parts Warranty Regulations
Part Name Service Term Scope of the warranty Handling method
Motor 12 months Quality issues & Performance failure Free replacement
Battery 12 months 1-Month Quality issues Free replacement 
* Endurance
Controller 12 months Performance failure Free replacement
Frame 12 months Quality issues Repair
Charger 6 months Performance failure Free replacement
Display/Meter 3 months Performance failure Free replacement
Tires 3 months Quality issues Free replacement
Front shock absorber 3 months Quality issues Free replacement
Rear shock 3 months Quality issues & Performance failure Free replacement
Others 1 month Quality issues Free replacement


*Please be aware that if you update the product by yourself, like removing speed limit or changing the controller factory setting, we are not responsible for the warranty.


Battery Maintenance
Your Tomofree bike comes with a high quality lithium battery. All lithium batteries need to be looked after to ensure years of full use. Following these easy steps will ensure the long life of your battery.

Battery Endurance
•  You do not have to “condition” your battery by charging and discharging before it’s first use. This was the case with old lithium ion technology but is not necessary on modern batteries.
•  Recharge your battery after every use if possible. Keeping your battery charged extends its life and your bike is always ready to go.
•  Never leave your battery completely discharged for more than 24 hours. Voltage dropping below minimum for any length of time will cause serious damage to your battery cells.
• Recharge your battery every month even if you are not using the bike. Most lithium batteries will continue to discharge even when the bike and battery are turned off. If your battery falls below minimum Voltage, it may not be recoverable.
•  For best results, always recharge and store the battery at room temperature.

Battery Safety
•  Never leave a battery connected to the charger or mains power over-night.
• When leaving your bike during hot weather, always leave in a shaded well ventilated area.
•  Do not recharge in damp conditions or in temperatures less than 0
℃(32℉) and never expose the bike or battery pack to fire, heat sources, acid or alkaline substances.
•  Never open a battery case, try and fix the battery. Use of other brands battery for self update is not supported.
•  If a battery is, or appears to be damaged or overheating for any reason, do not use the battery any more.

Recharging your Battery
•  Before charging, make sure the charger is turned off and connect your battery to the charger at the charging socket. Plug the charger into a mains socket and turn on the mains socket.
•  A red lamp will light up on the charger indicate the battery is charging. When the red light turns green, the battery is fully charged. To optimize battery life, leave the charger connected for a further hour and then turn off the charger and disconnect it from the mains after charging.
•  Always disconnect the charger from the mains before disconnecting the charger from the battery. It is possible that the battery will take up to six hours to charge on the first three charges.
•  Do not leave the charger connected to the mains when not in use.

• If your battery is damaged due to being left discharged, or not recharging when advised as per this manual your battery is not covered by our warranty.


How to Submit a Warranty Application?

Please note that before any warranty, please send an email to support@tomofree.com, including proof of purchase, product photos and description of the problem, we will verify and confirm. And after obtaining our verification and confirmation, send them back, otherwise Tomofree has the right to deny this warranty Legitimacy. We will inspect the product as soon as possible after receiving it, and repair it for you.


FAQ About Our Warranty

Q. I am not the original owner as I purchased my Tomofree second hand. Is my frame covered by warranty?
A. Sorry, no, the warranty coverage only extends to the original buyer.

Q. I crashed and damaged my bike/scooter. Is warranty coverage available to me?
A. Sorry, crashes or accidents are not covered by the warranty policy. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing, not damage from crashes.