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Tomofree® is an electric vehicle brand from China with R&D center in Shenzhen, manufacturing factories in China and warehouse in CA, USA that develops and delivers break-through electric cycling products to help fuse motorcycle heritage with global trend.

Tom, a very important co-founder joined FreegoEV in 2016. Tom used to work for a large technology company in Silicon Valley since 2009. As a mechanical engineer, he was obsessed with researching machines in weekdays while he enjoyed taking adventures especially cycling on vacations. Like a lot of other Silicon Valley commuters, Tom had to carry a heavy bicycle with him on the train at the time. During a small trip back to China, Tom was surprised to find that electric motorcycle, a powerful travel tool, was very popular and even became TOP 1 among beloved objects voted by foreigners living in China. “I could combine folding bicycles with electric motorcycles!” With this idea in mind, Tom joined Tomofree, diving into the researching on foldable electric bikes which were first sold in mainland China through Tmall.com and JD.com

Tomofree's strong power system and explosion proof tire design sparked the imagination of market because it was something the industry had never seen before. The technology gene has been passed on to each generation of Tomofree. At the end of 2020, Tomofree started to sell to the US market.